Having been closely involved with the day to day operations of some first class international hotels and also the development of IT software inspired its founders to establish Aleder on 18th October 1994.

Aleder is a company based in Macau specialized in computer software development for the international hospitality industry. Our software packages and their relevant modules, aim at automating and managing all the routine and mundane tasks in hotels worldwide.

Founded by a team of people dedicated to creating software that will really work for hotel users, Aleder has been able to develop software packages that fits very well with the day to day operations of the hotel business. In our short lifetime as a company, we have proven Aleder's capabilities to provide products and services that are used and accepted by some of the world-class hotels like The Oriental, Bangkok, The Peninsula Hong Kong and The Mark, New York. Powerful products, emphasis on customer service and careful attention to detail have put Aleder in a unique position in the industry.

To further enhance our products, we have put in place a process of ongoing consultation and communication with hotel management teams, staff and end users. The main objective of these processes are to identify hotels' real needs and to discover untouched possibilities for automation and then to develop software solutions accordingly.

Besides developing software packages, we have put strong emphasis on customer service and after sale support. All of us at Aleder try our best to be sensitive and responsive to our customers' needs. We believe, quality of our products and strong customer service are the two key elements to carry our business forward.

Co-operation is the key to how we work. New experiences are shared with everyone because we believe in progress for all. From the beginning, the culture of the company has been to put ourselves in our customers' shoes and provide them with services and products that surpass their expectation.


Yep! This is a place one looks forward
to coming to every morning!

There aren't many of us in the office but there is great warmth amongst and around us. It is a great place to work.

Our little snack room is never without food and drinks. It's a place where each of us go for a little pick-me-up, a little rejuvenation. Then there are the bonsais we all tend to which give that touch of green to this little corner of our work place. Often, it has been, that inspiration comes upon one here.

And with that inspiration, we take to the research area. This is our library, our corner where we mull over ideas or pore over books to turn that inspiration into something concrete.

Our motto is: To provide services surpassing our customers' expectations and to meet their needs with enthusiasm and warmth.

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