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Simple Yet Workable

"AFFS is simple, easy to handle and fast adaptation. (Especially to face with the complicated and unstable requirements of different airlines".


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With our Aleder Frequent Flyer System (AFFS), you can handle everything without additional staff. Key in the Frequent Flyer Program membership number & airline code, into the FO system.

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With the assistance of a Guest Recognition System, all guest contact staff are able to recognize VIPs arriving today and remember their preferences...

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With Aleder Rooms On Book Report (ROBR), you will be able to know your current rooms booking by market segments.

What's New

Our new User's Manual and Quick Start Guide for Aleder Frequent Flyer System is now available. New information and operational tips are included. You will surely be the Frequent Flyer System expert with them on hand.

Biuld A Guest Photo Library

Could you imagine how a guest profile library with photos will help you to serve the guests better?
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From Our Users...

"The software is certainly easier to user from EDP (IT Manager) and User perspective."

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Maximizing Room Revenue

" I want a forecast report on bookings by marketing segment and with whole picture of a month."
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