Add more personal touch to your VIPs!

With the assistance of a Guest Recognition System, all guest contact staff are able to recognize VIPs arriving today and remember their preferences...

FO Manager: Good Morning! Mrs Smith. Welcome back. How are you?

Mrs Smith: Hi! I am fine. Thank you.


Butler: Good Morning! Mrs Smith. Welcome back. Your preferred pillow and modem adaptor is already prepared in your room.

Mrs Smith: Oh, how sweet! Thank you.


Waiter: Good Morning! Mrs Smith. Welcome back. May I serve you Watermelon Juice first?

Mrs Smith: Oh, yes, please. It is my favorite.


It will certainly help to serve and pamper your important guests if you have a way to recognize them. However, it will not be an easy task if you have hundreds of VIP guests.

Aleder recently developed a new software----- Aleder Guest Recognition System which makes recognizing your VIP guests become such an easy task.


These are some feedbacks from our users:

"I really like the software, it is easy to use yet very powerful."

"I feel happy with the system. Guest contact staff can now see colourful photos of guests prior to their arrivals and feel some direct connections with the guests. It is much better than reading the names or looking at black & white photos before."

One management person recommended the software to his counterparts in other hotels and described the software as: "A good software and very helpful."


Who had purchased the software?

  • The Oriental, Singapore
  • Mandarin Oriental, Manila
  • Mandarin Oriental, Macau
  • Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London
  • Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur
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