Report that shows you business on booking by Market Segment

If you are using Fidelio, you will probably find that the forecast report from Fidelio shows you only the total on book rooms and there are no breakdowns. With Aleder Rooms On Book Report (ROBR), you will be able to know your current rooms booking by market segments.

What does it mean? It means that you will be able to:-

  • Forecast and manage your daily business mix better;
  • Know high and low season in advance and plan your market strategies and
  • Gather information for your Yield (Revenue) management plan

Technical Facts

  • Extract data directly from Fidelio database, no duplicate efforts for data inputting;
  • Support also Fidelio Sales & Catering bookings and give more accurate figures;
  • Support multi-currency function in Fidelio;
  • Able to convert report data into spreadsheet data format, for further graphical analysis;
  • Runs on Windows 95 and
  • With features to customize environment of your hotel, allow greater flexibility
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