No duplicate efforts

This report extracts information regarding your future bookings by looking into your Fidelio booking database, analysing the market segment of each booking and then giving you an overview of daily booking for any specific month.

Supports Fidelio Sales and Catering System

For those using the Fidelio Sales and Catering system at the same time, the report automatically excludes those bookings of "Ceiling Block" and blocking that are still at the initial stage. This gives you a more accurate forecast


You will be able to convert room rates that are quoted in foreign currencies back to the local currency and which shows you the average room rate on one unified currency.

Data convertible to spreadsheet data

You might wish to use the data on the report in a spreadsheet software for further analysis and graphical presentation. The report is able to save the information into a format that is readable by Quattro Pro directly.


The report enables you to define how market codes are grouped on the report. E.g. Booking figures of FIT guests will be placed together while booking figures of Travel Agents will be placed together, on your request.
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