What do users say about our system?

"... Now I believe I might be able to do the AFFS programme with my eyes closed!"

"I found that the programme (system) is actually quite easy to use and straightforward. After a while, it becomes easy to handle and can easily adapt to the programme (system). As this is my first experience doing FFP, I can't compare with other programmes (systems) but I think that AFFS is a good user-friendly programme (system)."

Guest History Coordinator, Janice Koh, of an International Hotel in Malaysia
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"AFFS is simple, easy to handle and fast adaptation. (Especially to face the complicated and unstable requirements of different airlines)"

"I don't know about other hotel groups, but I handle the FFP of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group all by myself and up to this moment include 13 airlines with consolidation of 14 hotels. Can you imagine how I can handle it if AFFS was an inflexible and complicated program?
AFFS covers most aspects of checking and can ensure the data sent out comply with the requirements of each airline."

Frequent Flyer Administrator, Wendy Ho of an international chain in Hong Kong
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"...The software is certainly easier to use from both the EDP (IT Manager) and user perspective."

"... With the addition of security levels, this gives the EDP (IT) Department greater flexibility and ease of use in assigning different access rights to users based on their job needs. We have now allowed our Night Clerks to correct any problem records on a daily basis thus shifting this task away from management.
... When it is time to submit records to head office, this has now become a simple task of selecting to export the file. The program is smart enough to default a "from date" of the earliest record in the file rather than the user needing to keep track of retropay records for past dates."

IT Manager, Velma Kam of an international hotel in Hawaii
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