How will the hotel benefit from Aleder Guest Recognition System?

More personal touch to guests

Guest contact staff can now see photos of VIP guests prior to their arrival, then recognize and greet VIP guests with their name.

Moreover, staff can read guest preferences and provide service that touch as the hearts of the guests. For instance, by knowing that a guest prefers non-smoking floor and a specific kind of pillow, staff at the reception counter and housekeeping department prepare all these in advance. It helps room service and restaurant staff if they know in advance that a guest prefers a specific kind of drink or a certain kind of food.

No risk of unauthorised change on guest profile

In most FO systems, allowing staff to read guest preference also means giving permission for them to modify guest profiles. Therefore, the access to guest profiles are restricted to a few authorised persons only. Aleder Guest Recognition system allows reading of guest preference with no modification. Meaning, you can now allow all the guest contact staffs to read preference of guests without risking unauthorised changes in guest profiles.

Improved Security Control at Room

By recognizing guests in house, Housekeeping staffs now have a better control on security of rooms.

With AGRS, you may....

  • Build a guest photo library and associate them with your current guest profiles in Fidelio Front Office and Fidelio Sales & Catering systems
  • Access to guest photo instantly with names, arrival date or VIP code
  • Read guest preference and be prepared to provide personalised service
  • Share your VIP Arrival List with guest photos in the morning briefing
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