What does the hotel business need?

This was the question that our development team members focussed on during the system analysis phase.

Here are the highlights:-

The system must be:

An automatic system that minimizes labour costs to
meet the hotel management's expectations.

• The ability to work with your Front Office system and be able to retrieve frequent flyer guests stay information from the Front Office database automatically. Single input produces no duplication of effort for data entries, and minimizes data input errors.

• The ability to upgrade the system to support new airline alliance programs in a short period, with no headache in meeting the deadlines for new airline programs.

• Simple management of your sophisticated promotional activities, with minimal manual input efforts. For example,
award double miles to guests staying in suite rooms; or
double miles to guests with summer package within July & August; or
double miles to guests staying more than 3 nights.

• Automatic procedures & user friendly operation minimize the attention from your front office staff, no additonal manpower needed. One customer, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group does not require any additional manpower to process the system.

An effective and accurate system, which fits your hotel operation,
and meets your hotel colleagues' expectations.

• Manage miles award according to room type, room rate, market code, room nights or country code. For instance,
awarding miles to F.I.T. and corporate guests only; or
awarding miles to any guest pays more than US$100.00 for the room; or
awarding to guest staying more than 3 nights.

• The ability to generate various reports to help your daily operation at the stroke of a key.
Report that shows you revenue and room night generated by individual airline program, market code, and individual hotels;
Report that shows amounts payable to each airline for a specific period.

• A validity system which reports problems of codes, membership numbers, thus ensuring data quality and minimizing data rejection by airlines.

An efficient communication system which exchanges data between the hotel and airlines, credits points to guests promptly. Delighting your guests.

• A system which communicates well with major airline frequent flyer systems. Currently, our system is able to exchange data with 22 major airlines.

• You can also consolidate records from sister hotels for group submission.

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