My AFFS Wendy Ho who is in charge of Frequent Flyer project at the head office of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (HK). She takes care of the consolidation, which consolidates files from all hotels and submitting them to different airlines. Their old frequent flyer system does not have consolidation feature and thus, the consolidation part that she was using was built in-house.
Being the first to use AFFS, I think I must be the one who have the most to share with you.

Simple Yet Workable
AFFS is simple, easy to handle and fast adaptation. (Especially to face with the complicated and unstable requirements of different airlines.)
I don't know about other hotel groups, but I handle the FFP of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group all by myself and up to this moment include 13 airlines with consolidation of 14 hotels. Can you imagine how I can handle it if AFFS was a inflexible and complicated program?

Right Medicine Heals Awful Sickness
Before using AFFS, I used just one other system that was in-house built and of very much less flexibility. The old system only allowed consolidation, no other features were available. I remember my nightmare would be consolidating Asian Passages files. Since Passages was very strict in the accuracy of the membership numbers, no spaces, no alphabets and no symbols were allowed in the number. Even if there was one record with error, the whole file would be rejected. I had to double check my consolidated file manually and if I found any such error, I need to reconsolidate the files ( from hotels) by skipping the one with errors and ask the respective hotel to reinput the file again. As hotels could not reexport the data, they (hotel colleagues) had to reinput all the data. Retroactive claims would rush to me as data could not be uploaded to Passages (on time). One error record would lead to such a big disaster, you can understand why I say it was a nightmare.
Once we use AFFS, no more such nightmares. AFFS covers most aspects of checking and can ensure the data sent out comply with the requirements of each airline.
I think I need to stop. If I carry on, don't know how long would it be.

As A Trustful Friend To Offer The Best Help
Working closely with Aleder, I feel that I am growing up with AFFS. I learn more in using the system, I share my experiences with Aleder which in turn should have some help in improving the system (I think). Thanks to Aleder for allowing me to share some of my experience and I hope I can share more with you some other time.

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