My AFFS Velma K. Kam, Kahala Mandarin Oriental, Hawaii. She is currently an Information Systems Manager and has used AFFS since April 1997.

Say Bye To A Manager
With the addition of security levels, this gives the EDP (IT) Department greater flexibility and ease of use in assigning different access rights to users based on their job needs. We have now allowed our Night Clerks to correct any problem records on a daily basis thus shifted this task away from management. Our Frequent Flyer records are now up to date on a daily basis and we no longer have to track down a manager on the days the file is due into MOHG (1st and 16th of each month) in order to update any problem records.

Be Peaceful To Submit A Complete Export File
When it is time to submit records to head office, this has now become a simple task of selecting to export the file. The program is smart enough to default a "from date" of the earliest record in the file rather than the user needing to keep track of retropay records for past dates.

Very Handy To Use
Once the records are exported, the user simply needs to remember the batch number which is needed to print the Transaction Report by Batch.
The software is certainly easier to use from both the EDP (IT Manager) and user perspective.

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